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The First English Community For The Mythical Detective Loki
the new series 
8th-Nov-2011 09:46 am
So awhile ago I decided to start teaching myself Japanese by poking at the untranslated stuff for MLR. It's been a slow process and oft times tedious, but fun. When the new series came out I switched gears and am poking at it for at least a change in story.

That being said I've finally placed who the New Guys are in Nordic Myth.

Heniru - Hoenir (trad. brother to Odin and God of Silence)  Guess we'll see what route Kinoshita-sensei goes with this.
Magni - son of Thor and a giantess (trad. he will survive Ragnorak and inherit Mjolnir with his brother)
Modi - son of Thor and a giantess, brother to Magni. (trad. he will survive Ragnorak and inherit Mjolnir with his brother.)

Varu - Var  goddess of marriage oaths. This is where I might be wrong/confused...or there's crazy manga shenanigans afoot. Var is the goddess of oaths (particually the marriage kind) I couldn't find a LOT of info on her. That being said, she's still a she and not a he. Seems to be a boy in the manga? But I haven't completely verified via text yet.

Vidaru - Vidar :  Son of Odin and the giantess Grid who will avenge Odin's death after Ragnarok. Again with that whole "change of sex" motif. Since, in MLR Vidar is a girl.

That's what I got. Now, off to the mysty mobile and work!
9th-Nov-2011 08:08 am (UTC)
Actually, it's Vali! The katakana is ヴァーリ, and the last character is read as "ri". As for Vidar, his little intro blurb does state that he's Odin's son (息子, read むすこ), so he is male. :|b
9th-Nov-2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
a-hhahaa....how on earth did I completely skip over Vali as an option. Silly me.

That being said...

I noticed the Son of Odin as well. And that's part of what really threw me off, because of the long flowy locks.

Thank you for the correction. Not sure how (or why) I decided that the "ri" was obviously a "ru" since it's even transcribed in my notes as "ri". I'm gonna chalk it up to too little sleep and too long staring at crazy words. >.<

10th-Nov-2011 03:50 am (UTC)
Well, Odin had long flowy locks, too...
10th-Nov-2011 05:05 am (UTC) - lol
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