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The First English Community For The Mythical Detective Loki

The First Matantei Loki Community
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Welcome To HemuLoki

For those
who like, love or obssess over the anime and manga series, Matantei Loki
(Ragnarok), aka The Mythical Detective Loki, by Kinoshita Sakura-sensei,

We're a bunch of MaLoki nuts
who have sadly been here a couple years, but we get some fresh meat every
once in a while. As the nuts title insinuates, we love living, eating,
and breathing anything related to the series The Mythical Detective Loki,
and we were the first, and possibly still the most active English Loki
fan community on the net. Come join us for our stupid little Loki realted
projects, contest, fanfictions, discussions, doujjinshi sharing, etc.
Like I said, we live, eat, and breath it. Feel free to ask us questions
too, we're really helpful and happy to help out. Check out memories section
out too, because we have some questions answered there as well.

For new members, self-introductions
are not needed, but guess it's not a wrong thing to do, too. ^_^;


  • Any posts unrelated to The
    Mythical Detective Loki, or Sakura Kinoshita, and her other works will
    be deleted.

  • Post advertising auctions
    and sales of personal Loki items are allowed.

  • Fanfictions, fanart, and
    everything else are totally ok.

  • And be considerate and polite
    with the other members, otherwise the crazy Lokean mod who runs this
    will do something... I'll let you imagine what.

And those are
our rules.


Questions about
the scanlation portion of Hemuloki, Hemuloki Scanlations, should be directed
to Aila at aldrea_1@yahoo.com