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The First English Community For The Mythical Detective Loki
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23rd-Sep-2012 08:11 pm - Doujinshi for sale!
Hey all, I have a few Matantei Loki doujinshi I'm looking to sell, over on my journal,

click the image or this link to check out my sales!

Thanks for looking :3
Hey everyone, was sifting through google news today and saw this article:

Some new titles are also in the wings for the digital manga site JManga. At their panel, business manager Robert Newman announced that Dousei Ai, by Setona Mizushiro (creator of the Eisner-nominated Afterschool Nightmare), Mythical Detective Loki, and Yuichi Yokoyama's Garden, would be joining the lineup. During the panel, Newman received e-mail confirmation that JManga will also pick up several former Tokyopop and Del Rey series from Kodansha; these will be the first Kodansha manga to run on the site.

Fans got to tape promotions for Viz Media's forthcoming Neon Alley anime streaming service. Photo by Jody Culkin.
Newman also announced that JManga's Android and iOS apps will be available in October, and the site is hosting a manga translation contest sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. There was one other piece of JManga news that was revealed after the panel: JManga is working on plans for a new digital manga magazine that will feature new chapters of a number of different series every week. Once a volume is complete, the individual chapters will disappear from the site and the whole book will be available for purchase on JManga. The content on the weekly site will be free, but a paid subscription will get the reader quicker access and perhaps exclusive access to some titles. The manga on the site will be a mix of old and new titles.

More info:

I really want to read these, but I have a crappy phone and not really a fan of digital books :\ still, it's good news to know the first half of the series is being licensed :3
heartheart!, undying gratitude
Matantei Loki Ragnarok ~Shinsekai no Kamigami is getting a tankoubon release! It's scheduled for May 14, i.e. just a bit more than a week from now.

You can see the cover and more details over at amazon.co.jp. :D
8th-Nov-2011 09:46 am - the new series
So awhile ago I decided to start teaching myself Japanese by poking at the untranslated stuff for MLR. It's been a slow process and oft times tedious, but fun. When the new series came out I switched gears and am poking at it for at least a change in story.

That being said I've finally placed who the New Guys are in Nordic Myth.

Heniru - Hoenir (trad. brother to Odin and God of Silence)  Guess we'll see what route Kinoshita-sensei goes with this.
Magni - son of Thor and a giantess (trad. he will survive Ragnorak and inherit Mjolnir with his brother)
Modi - son of Thor and a giantess, brother to Magni. (trad. he will survive Ragnorak and inherit Mjolnir with his brother.)

Varu - Var  goddess of marriage oaths. This is where I might be wrong/confused...or there's crazy manga shenanigans afoot. Var is the goddess of oaths (particually the marriage kind) I couldn't find a LOT of info on her. That being said, she's still a she and not a he. Seems to be a boy in the manga? But I haven't completely verified via text yet.

Vidaru - Vidar :  Son of Odin and the giantess Grid who will avenge Odin's death after Ragnarok. Again with that whole "change of sex" motif. Since, in MLR Vidar is a girl.

That's what I got. Now, off to the mysty mobile and work!
gemini_artemis and I scanlated the first chapter in Matantei Loki Ragnarok Volume 4.

Follow the link!

Hope you all enjoy it ^^
Loki Reading

Go, go, go! Read it HERE!

How cruel... this chapter is so short in comparison to the debut last month *tear* The art seems a little better though, at least in my opinion. 

Read more...Collapse )

Enjoy the raws!!

& Please read the rules, I know I didn't scan this, but the copy and pasta was killing my eyes, so, yes I deserve some credit for it.  =.=U

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